Collagen Surgery Instructions

Apply a sufficient amount of the deep cleansing shampoo (Clarifying Shampoo) on wet hair and massage gently, repeating two or three times as necessary. Remove 100% moisture from the hair using a blow dryer on medium heat
Using protective gloves, proceed to divide the hair into four or five sections with the help of a comb. Shake the product (Collagen Surgery) and pour the required amount into a container. Begin the application at the back of the neck, choosing small sections of approximately 1 cm and distribute the product from the base of the hair to the ends (do not apply to the skin) using a brush until achieving full coverage, then use a fine comb to remove excess and obtain better results. Leave the product to act for 30 min.
Dry the hair with cold air using the dryer and a thick bristle brush, until it is 100% dry. Divide into sections and iron the hair taking very small portions. For best results, the iron should be passed between 5 to 12 times on each strand of hair (depending on the hair texture).
After two or three days have elapsed, the product must be removed by washing the hair with a salt-free shampoo, up to two times if necessary. Apply the reconstructing conditioner, leave it to act for 5 minutes and remove with plenty of water. Dry hair and style